Hindutva group again creates communal tension in Deoband

Posted: பிப்ரவரி 9, 2011 in NEWS

Deoband (UP): In their renewed attempt to disturb communal harmony of this otherwise peaceful town of Deoband over the issue of beef, activists of Hindu Mahasabha staged a demonstration before the local civil court on 7th Feb. against its order to release a heard of cows seized four days ago.

During the demonstration the Hindu Mahasabha activists allegedly raised communally provocative slogans targeting Muslims for cow slaughter. A memorandum was also presented to the SDM in which they complained about the biased attitude of the administration in favor of Muslims who slaughter cows.

According to news reports, a heard of cows was seized by the local administration when it was informed about the possibility of them being slaughtered at the slaughter house. The investigation by the administration found that they were owned by a local milk trader.

The memorandum by Hindu Mahasabha targeted the civil court for allegedly “hurting” the Hindu sentiments and warned taking to streets against this kind of “biased” ruling of the court.

During the demonstration on the GT road, they also stopped a truck reportedly carrying buffalo meat and started beating Mukarram and Mubarak, the driver and conductor of the truck alleging that it was beef which the truck was transporting. It was only when the police reached the site when the two were rescued from the saffron activists and were taken into custody. The police sent the meat for testing.

When TwoCircles.net tried to find out if there is something more about the incident than meets the eye, Mujtaba Hassan, the local volunteer of Jamiat Ulema-I-Hind told said Things were normal and saffron activists routinely rake up such issues. “It was a small but sensitive incident but thankfully the administration here is adept in handling these kinds of communally sensitive issues.”


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