Posted: பிப்ரவரி 9, 2011 in SDPI

New Delhi: In the wake of Swami Asimanand’s confession, The Social Democratic Party of India, (SDPI), will launch a concerted publicity campaign from 20th February 2011 to raise the demand for release of innocent Muslim youths who have been slammed behind bars on false charges. It is alarming that impeccant people are retained in jail even after the actual culprits are brought into light. Campaign will also highlight the party agenda to uplift marginalized classes of people i.e. minorities, Dalits and Other Backward Castes, so as to ensure their share in power.
The above decision was taken in the National Working Committee meeting [NWC] of SDPI held at New Delhi on January 24. The meeting was chaired by the SDPI president Mr. E Aboobakker. It was decided to adopt various modes of publicity to popularize the party, which would include public meetings, indoor seminars, manifesto-based functions, membership campaigns, personal meetings, wall posters, vehicle caravans, corner meetings, grievances collections etc. The issues to be raised amongst others in this campaign would also comprise of corruption and price hike. The campaign starting from February 20 would culminate on March 27 in a public meeting to be held in New Delhi. A team of central leadership will visit different states during the campaign.
Hafiz Manzoor Ali Khan, the National Secretary, read out the Minutes of the last meeting and General Secretary Mr. A. Sayeed presented a working report.
Representatives of the different states reported the stage of lower level elections in their respective states. It was decided that all state units of the party should complete the process of state level and lower internal elections by March 15, 2011. National Representative Council of the party would be held at Delhi on 26th March to elect the new National Working Committee members and office bearers.
Four resolutions were passed in the meeting. The resolutions were on Terrorism, Corruption, Price hike and condemning BJP’s publicity stunt of hoisting national tri-colour at Lal Chowk in Srinagar. The BJP-ruled Karnataka Government itself denied permission to Popular Front of India to hoist the national flag and celebrate Independence Day in Mysore city.
It was decided that SDPI will file a PIL directly or through some human rights organization for release of innocent youth implicated in false cases of bomb blasts in the country.


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