NCHRO campaigns for Binayak-Demand to stop State Atrocity

Posted: பிப்ரவரி 11, 2011 in SDPI

New delhi: Recent sentencing of human rights activist and noted pediatrician Dr. Binayak Sen in a Chatiisgargh session court on charge of sedition and conspiracy against state got a huge world wide condemnation. As a step to strengthen the “Free Binayak Sen” campaign and ongoing nation wide solidarity movement Delhi Chapter of NCHRO (National Confederation of Human Rights Organization) on Wednesday organized a meeting and discussion program at Jawarlal Neheru University of the capital.
As a key speaker, Arun Agarwal renowned advocate of Supreme Court of India addressed the gathering. In his speech he covered the different aspects of the Dr. Sen’s trial and thoroughly discussed different loopholes of the Indian justice system. By raising his confusion that as a nation state, whether India really can ensure justice to its downtrodden people or not; he appealed the gathering to keep a strict vigil on ridiculous use of the laws of democratic India by the Indian ruling class. Advocate Agarwal also expressed his concerns on shrinking democratic space and demanded to raise the public opinion on state sponsored human rights violation on different Indian state like Bihar, Jharkhand, Tamil Nadu or west Bengal.
Through this solidarity program NCHRO kicks up its own nation wide signature campaign for justice to Dr Binayak Sen. The campaign wish to send a petition to the President of India. The petition also demands for repealing the existing Black laws like UAPA, AFSA or Chhattisgarh Special Public Security Act, 2005 (CSPSA) and expressed that the NCHRO, as other human rights groups are deeply concerned about Indian state atrocities and promised to take up the peoples’ issues more and more. Members of the NCHRO Delhi Chapter Mr Himadri , Anisujjaman were also present at that meeting.


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