peech of SDPI National president E Aboobacker at inauguration of Samwidhan Nyay Yathra in New Delhi

Posted: பிப்ரவரி 18, 2011 in SDPI

n the name of Allah, most Gracious, most Compassionate
My dear brothers and sisters,
Assalamu Alaikum Warahmathullahi Wa Barakathuhu
I am here to greet you on this auspicious occasion when the Samwidhan Nyay Yathra led by our brother Bhai Thej Singh begins here now; I extend all of you my heartfelt greetings in my capacity as the national president of Social Democratic party of India, SDPI.
Dear brothers, this Samwidhan Nyay Yathra heralds a dawn of new age. Today the people who were subjugated and suppressed for thousands of years are ready here to take up their destiny into their own hands. To them I extend my warm greetings and of my party, SDPI.
What we are witnessing here today is the beginning of a new uprising, the uprising of a society which was under the yoke of slavery and subjugation, of a society whose blood and flesh and even minds were surrounded by the heavy chains of slavery and oppression through the ages.
I greet you everybody. This journey will stand out in the history of our country. This great journey is an occasion of unity and unification between Dalits and Muslims, two powerful groups who were subjected to suppression and oppression. At the time this journey ends, I am sure; these two communities will become one and the same. I greet you all again.
This journey is nothing but a wake up call for a society that was wrapped in slumber all these years. And this yathra is saying it aloud that we are not going back to slumber again. It is also a loud declaration that nobody can tempt us back to sleep any more.
Dears, we are blood relations. And we have recognized it now. And from now on nobody should be able to divide us again. Let us be careful.
Brothers, our sky in not lit up by the rays of sun. It is cloudy and dark. But, you remember, it is on that clouds the lightning awaits. And no doubt it is from those clouds the rain of new age waiting to come pouring out.
Friends, we should not loose our hearts. Yes, our yesterdays were of repression, harassment and slavery. But our today is full of dreams. And our tomorrows are of change. No doubt, we should bring the change into our lives. And we are here united for the same.
We have come here to stand up for the justice. Here we have reached now not for a mere yathra, instead we going to begin a pilgrimage here. Why because this is a journey in search of justice. This journey does not come out of anger. It comes out of pain and sorrow. From the grief of the oppressed, from the agony of the subjugated, from the suffering of those who were robbed of their modesty, from the despair of women who were destined to become widows so early, from the loss of those children who were deprived of their parents, right from their younger days.
We were denied justice when the three domes of Babri Masjid were brought down in 1992; thousands of Muslims in Gujarat who were victims of 2002 genocide were denied their right to live, justice was denied again when hundreds were killed in bomb explosions, when innocent youths were falsely implicated in those blasts and put behind the bars, and justice was again denied when the real perpetrators behind those heinous blasts were dealt softly by the authorities even after they were exposed.
And it is to regain the lost justice we set out for this journey. I am extending you my greetings and of my party, SDPI.
My brothers and sisters, also we were stripped of justice when we were kept out of power for last 63 years in this country. Even after 63 years of independence Muslims, Dalits and Adivasis didn’t get the due share of nation’s resources, where as other communities went far forward. We are bound to get it. It is our right to get it. We will not rest until and unless we get our due share.
Our journey is to begin here today. But you remember one thing, this journey never ends. It will end only on one day, when we are emancipated from the clutches of slavery, only when we are free from the arrogance of those in power. This journey will not end unless our country is free from the fear of terrorism which is being made out of the mixture of explosives, cruelty and some sanyasm (sainthood). Friends we are ready here to render even our hearts in the way to achieve that goal.
Thank you, Jai Hind.


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