Kerala Election: SDPI to Declare Candidates on March 10

Posted: மார்ச் 6, 2011 in SDPI

Kozhikkode: Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) will declare its candidates for Kerala assembly election on March 10, said state general secretary P A Majeed Faizee here in a news conference today. In the first assembly election after party formation, SDPI will field its own candidates or will support pro Dalit-backward candidates in all 140 constituencies, he added.
In this election SDPI’s contest is against the corrupt, mafia politics represented by left and right fronts in the state. Party will continue its stated stand against BJP. He also said that the saffron party would not open account in the sate.
SDPI will field its own candidates in all constituencies of Kozhikkode except Elathur.
Two fronts sharing the power in the state are following anti people policies. UDF and LDF are being led by the people who are either convicted or being prosecuted in cases related to corruption. They are neck deep in corruption in way that nobody can escape blaming others. He also said that these leaders were running helter-skelter to get candidature not out of desire to serve people but to amass wealth under their cover, he added.
Both fronts couldn’t contain food price rise and mitigate people’s burden. Corporate connections, PSC scam, sex scandals, allegations of influencing judiciary and of repealing criminal cases against ministers’ kins, robbery of Dalits lands etc. have become trade marks of these fronts. And this election will become a verdict against all these evils, he said. State secretary Thulaseedharan Pallikkal was also present in the press conference.

  1. Thameem சொல்கிறார்:

    Inshallah……. go…… go……….. succes……..

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