5 Assemblies, 105 Muslim MLAs: Will their number go up or down?

Posted: மார்ச் 23, 2011 in INDIAN MUSLIM, NEWS

The correct answer will come on May 13 when votes for new Assembly in Assam, West Bengal, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Puducherry will be counted. The Assembly Poll 2006 saw 105 Muslim MLAs entering the Houses. Will the Poll 2011 increase the number or decrease it?

The five assemblies have a total of 824 seats, and there are a total of 105 Muslim MLAs there – that is 12.74%. However, if we deduct 175 seats reserved for SCs/STs from the total of 824, the percentage of Muslim representation is 16.17%.

State ———-Total No. of Seats —–Muslim MLAs

West Bengal———294——————–46
Tamil Nadu———-234——————–07
Puducherry—- —–30——————–02

Of five, Assam, West Bengal and Kerala have around 30% Muslim population each, and thus these three state assemblies have more Muslim MLAs than many other states. West Bengal, despite having 84 reserved seats, has 46 Muslim MLAs. However, the number could further go up in this assembly poll as there is a race among both ruling and opposition parties to capture the Muslim vote to come to power. While the Left Front has fielded 56 Muslim candidates Trinamool Congress has given tickets to 39. The Congress, which is contesting on 65 seats in alliance with the Trinamool, is yet to announce its candidates.

State —–Total No. of ACs —- Reserved for SC —–Reserved for ST

West Bengal———294——————-68————————16
Tamil Nadu———-234——————-44————————02


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