6,541 communal clashes between ’01 & ’09

Posted: ஏப்ரல் 23, 2011 in INDIAN MUSLIM

There were 6,541 incidents of communal clashes between 2001 and 2009, leaving behind 2234 dead and 21460 injured. These are figures put out by the ministry of home affairs, and may well be under-estimates.

About half of these violent deaths took place in one year, and one state Gujarat in 2002. Even if you leave out Gujarat for a moment, 1,104 people have been killed in over 5,800 incidents of communal violence since 2001 — that is, an average of 130 lives lost in over 600 violent clashes between religious fanatics, every year running.

1992-93 after the demolition of the Babri Masjid are estimated to have led to losses of a jaw-dropping Rs 9,000 crore, while the Gujarat killings in 2002 are said to have cost Rs.600 crore. Can the country afford it yet again?


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