PFI launches School Chalo campaign in India

Posted: மே 1, 2011 in INDIAN MUSLIM, POPULAR FRONT

New Delhi: The Popular Front of India (PFI) has launched 2-month long School Chalo (Go to School) campaign today (May 1) across the country in order to ensure that all boys and girls go to school from primary to secondary levels.

During the months of May and June which is the school admission period in most states, PFI cadres and units in several parts of the country will be engaged in field work for taking all children of their localities to school. Besides, various programs like poster publicity, household student search surveys, assistance in enrolling children in school, readmission of drop outs, distribution of school kits, scholarship schemes and parent awareness classes will be undertaken at the local level.

“The project will be more concentrated in educationally backward areas. The state committees of PFI will identify certain villages for continuous follow up works to develop them as “Sarva Shiksha Gram”. In order to ensure that poor and meritorious students are not dropped out from school, local sponsors will be asked to “adopt a child till the end of his/her education” said PFI general secretary KM Shareef.

To implement RTE Act effectively he advised: “Though the Right to Education Act has made education of every child between 6 and 14, a fundamental right, it still remains as yet another unfulfilled promise. Instead of depending on the bureaucracy alone, both the central and state governments should support the efforts of voluntary organizations in order to fulfill this constitutional obligation.”


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