Campus Front of India declared its New National Leaders

Posted: மே 2, 2011 in CAMPUS FRONT

  National President Md Anisujjaman, ,

Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

Hyderabad: The first National General Council of Campus Front of India was held in Hyderabad today (1 May 2011). Andhra Pradesh State President Mr. Abdullah hosted the General Council. National Tresurer Mateenuddin welcomed the gathering. National President Adv. Mohamed Yusuff presided the meeting. He addressed the delegates and told that we got huge responses from students in the various programmes, which showed the need of students movement like Campus Front of India.

Adv. K.P. Mohamed Sheriff, Secretary General of NCHRO (National Confederation of Human Rights Organisation) inaugurated the programme and delivered his valuable guest lecture “Emerging Challenges before the Campus Leadership”. He stated “Students are the backbone of any social movements to lead social changes, they should not go to the deeper sense of materialistic attitudes it may destroy the social equity”.

Then National General Secretary Anisujjaman presented the annual report. Various interactions were held in response to the annual report and passed by the council.

Then the election was held in the afternoon session and the following were elected as the new National Office Bearers and National Committee members of Campus Front of India. National Advisory board chairman, Anis Ahmed headed the election process. The following were elected:

National Office Bearers:
* National President: Md Anisujjaman, , Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
* National Vice-President: Asif Mirza, Rajasthan
* National General Secretary: C.A. Raoof, Kerala
* National Secretary: Mehfoos, Karnataka
* National Treasurer:Abdur Rahman, Karnataka

National Committee Members:
* Emdadul Haque, Aligarh Muslim University, Uttar Pradesh
* Obaidur Rahamn, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
* Rabiul Islam, West Bengal
* V.M. Fahad , Kerarla
* S.M. Shaafi, Tamilnadu
* Adv. Mohamed Yusuff, Tamilnadu.

Ex-Officio Members of National Committee:

* Ajmal Ismail, Kerala
* Hasan Farook, Tamilnadu
* Muhammad Shakit, Karnataka
* Abdullah, Andhra Pradesh
* Aminul Islam, West Bengal
* Jamilur Rahman, Manipur
* Selim Jahangir, Delhi University

Then Anis Ahmed, Advisory Board Chairman of Campus Front of India delivered speech in the topic “Road Map to the Campus”. He stated “There is a effort to deviate the students away from activism and make then mere pcorporate puppets, this should be fought by the students”.

Newly elected President, Anisujjaman delivered a motivating speech and General Secreatry C.A. Raoof delivered the vote of thanks. Delegates from different States participated in the meeting. The following resolutions were adopted in the meeting.


Campus Front of India strongly demands to wipe out Corruption throughout the country .Corruption free mechanism not to be selective and should address from common people’s point of view. Government should take care of the larger socio-political scenario in which becomes a breeding ground for corruption.

Campus Front of India demands effective implementation of the Right to Information Act and also for voluntary disclosures in government operations and to ensure social audits in every programmes.

Campus Front of India demands the Central Government to present a white paper regarding the implementation of Right to Education Act. This which received a huge media attention but the implementation of this act was never brought before the public. We also condemn the UPA government for their partial commitment on educational and health sector in the 11th five year plan.

Campus Front of India condemn against unprecedented police firing and atrocities against common people in Jaitapur, Ratnagiri. We the people of India can’t afford a Fakushima or a Chernobyl like incident and our past experiences with disasters have proved how poor we are in dealing with it. We demand that the government to terminate the Jaitapur Nuclear plant plan.

Campus Front of India reiterates its demands to oppose against entrance examination all over India. The Entrance exams helps only the urban and rich students to get seats in professional and medical colleges, the rural and poor students who can’t afford to access the coaching for these entrance are thereby denied seats.

In the wake of Aligarh Muslim University sin die, Campus Front of India appeal to the Vice Chancellor and the concerned authorities of the University to reopen the campus as soon as possible. This action of sin die will affect career and education of thousands of students. It also condemns this act of punishing the entire students for the acts of few mischievous sections among students.

It is to be noticed very seriously that growing corruption even in judiciary. It is not a healthy environment to the society and nation. To prevent such kind of practice in judiciary, Campus Front of India demands central government to bring Judicial Accountability Bill, which enables to control and initiate strong action to restore the trustworthy of the Indian Judicial System.


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