BJP Panchayat vice-president thrown out by UDF with SDPI support

Posted: ஜூன் 8, 2011 in SDPI

Kasargod: BJP’s Harishchandran was thrown out from the post of Panchayat vice-president in Manjeswar village by the UDF with the support of the SDPI yesterday. The lone member of the SDPI in the village Panchayat – Maimoona Aboobaker – voted in support of the UDF’s no-confidence motion against the vice-president, while the members of the BJP and the left parties abstained from voting.

The 21-member village Panchayat in the Kasargod district comprises of eight members each of the Muslim League and the BJP, and one member each of the SDPI, the CPI (M), the CPI and the Congress, and an independent. The SDPI member and the independent member voted in support of the UDF.

Harishcandran was elected as vice-president six months ago when a member of the Muslim League voted for him and the vote of a Congress member was invalid. The Muslim League then forced its member to resign. The UDF decided to move the no-confidence motion after another League member was elected in the by-election that followed the former member’s resignation.


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