SDPI demands magisterial probe into Forbesganj police action against Muslims, Rs. 10 lakh compensation

Posted: ஜூன் 15, 2011 in SDPI

The Social Democratic Party of India, (SDPI), has lambasted the Nitish Kumar led Bihar Government for its unbridled use of force against unarmed protesting Muslims villagers resulting in the death of six of them in Forbesganj block of Araria district of the state. The SDPI has demanded Judicial Inquiry into the police action against innocent Muslims. The villagers were protesting against the blocking of a connecting road between two villages.


SDPI general secretary Mr. A. Sayeed in a statement, while vehemently criticizing the brutal action of the Bihar Police which reportedly went out of control, demanded a compensation of Rs. 10 lakh to each of the bereaved families and Rs. 5 lakh to the injured victims.

Expressing indignation over the police action Mr. Sayeed said the mindset of the law enforcing agencies against the minorities, especially Muslims, is always loaded against them as it is prejudiced by the hate campaign unleashed by the fundamentalist Hindutva forces. He said that it is pity that Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, who retained power purely on the backing of Muslims and other minorities, is unable to provide security to them

He said that to provide fair justice to the victims the Bihar Government should immediately order magisterial inquiry into the incident and till the probe is completed the concerned police officials accused of high-handedness should be put under suspension. If this is not done then the culprits will go scot-free.

Mr. Sayeed said that if justice is not meted out to the victims then the SDPI will join hands with other like-minded parties to put pressure on the Nitish Kumar Government to see reason and safeguard the Muslims and other minorities in the state, the statement added.



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