SDPI win 9 civic wards un opposed in Tamilnadu

Posted: ஒக்ரோபர் 4, 2011 in SDPI

Chennai: Social Democratic Party of India with just two years of its existences has made history by winning 9 civic wards in the 2011 local body election with out contesting as none  contest opposite the SDPi candidates.

SDPI a political party formed in the year 2009 has grown among the people rapidly due to the ideologies and structure of the party. A person can join SDPi only if he agrees not to take or give bribe and he should not be alcoholic.

SDPI works for the oppressed and downtrodden people with slogan of freedom from hunger and freedom from fear.

SDPi is contesting more than 350 seats in Tamilnadu local body election but it is historic begining for the party as nine SDPI candidates have won as none filed nominations against them. SDPI has already won many three seats in Rajasthan, 14 seats in Kerala and 67 seats in Karnataka local body election.

Ramanathapuram District

1) Chittarkottai – 5th ward – Ms.Barakath Nisha

2) Sirupodhu – 2nd ward – Mr.Syed Ali

3) Erwadi – 6th ward – Ms.Sidhrath Begum

4) Sikkal – 6th ward – Mr.Basheer Ahmed

5)Irumeni-3rd Ward- Abdul Haq

Tuticorin District

6) Kembalabad 2rd Ward- Rifai Adam Basha

7)Sethinganalur 4th Ward – Ms Zohara

8)Miyanpalli 3rd Ward- Zeenath

Tanjore District

9) Malipattinam 3rd Ward- Najmunnisa

Social Democratic Party  is also contesting for mayor post in two corporations Chennai and Erode.

SDPi is the alliance of Vithuthalai Ciruthai Katchi, 13 Muslim Orgonisation, 6 Christians organization and several Muslim political parties. The alliance of SDPi and VCK is a breakthrough in Dalit Muslim unity in Tamilnadu


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