Sanjeev Bhatt’s Facebook page buzzing with supporting messages

Posted: ஒக்ரோபர் 7, 2011 in NEWS

Mumbai: Not only citizens’ groups, policitcal parties and NGOs but common man has also come out in support of IPS officer Sanjeev Bhatt, a crucial witness in several cases in which Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and other senior functionaries of the Gujarat government are accused of conspiring to commit mass crimes, destroying evidence and subverting the course of justice.

“I Support Sanjiv Bhatt, Do You?”. “Every hour, every minute and every second of the day we are praying for you.” Such emotional and supportive messages of common people can be found on the Facebook page of Sanjeev Bhatt who was arrested on 30th September.

Today is Dusshera, a religious festival where Hindus celebrate the victory of Lord Ram over Ravana — the day is also known for the victory of Good over Evil. The messages related to Dusshera is also pouring in.

“DASERA THYA HAJU RAVAN MARATO NATHI.?KEM” which means Today is Dusshera why Ravan does not die? The other message is to condone Shweta, wife of Sanjeev Bhatt. “The entire nation trusting truth is with you madum Shewtha Bhatt, take it as a challenge, the goddess kali will make evil Modi’s destruction. This is the age of fast track – each sin of evil persons will result in swift reactions. The sin committed by modi in arresting truth will result in bad situations for modi. That is truth Jai Mahakali.”

Some messages have complaints against the inaction or insufficient action of the Central Government and also urge the civil society to support the upright officers like him. A message reads, “Why the whole nation has closed their eyes against the arrest of an Upright officer.” It also suggests the intervention of the Central government to provide security to his family.

Faiz Ahmed Faiz, famous Urdu Poet is also quoted. “Bol k lab aazaad hain tere, bol zabaan ab tak terii hai , teraa sutawaan jism hai teraa, bol ki jaan ab tak terii hai , bol ye thodaa waqt bahot hai jism-o-zabaa.N kii maut se pahale, bol ki sach zindaa hai ab tak ,bol jo kuchh kahna hai kah le.

Social activist Shabnam Hashmi, social activist and TV anchor Adil Mohammed, Dalit scholar and activist Prasad Chacko, are some of the prominent personalities who have posted their supportive messages on Sanjeev Bhatt’s wall.



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