Godse’s Children: Hindutva Terror in India by Subhash Gatade

Posted: ஒக்ரோபர் 14, 2011 in POPULAR FRONT

About the Book

Hindutva terror has finally emerged. It was on 6 April, 2006 when Nanded witnessed a bomb blast at the house of Laxman Rajkondwar, a longtime RSS activist, killing his son and another Sangh activist. The blast brought to the fore the systematic manner in which people associated with RSS and allied outfits were engaged in making and storing explosives, imparting arms training and planning to bomb minorities as part of their mission to establish Hindu Rashtra in India. Five years later, investigating agencies are in the know of the involvement of Hindutva supremacists in dozens of earlier and later blasts like Malegaon and Samjhauta Express. The role of international linkages and networks of different Hindutva formations in collecting funds, mobilising resources and supporting the cause has added further ferocity to this project. The present book, the first comprehensive treatment of the subject, shows that Hindutva terror is not a mere regional or rare phenomenon. Apart from bringing forth the commonality of tactics used by these terror modules, the book also looks at the phenomenon historically and presents hitherto unexplored evidence. It also underlines the Himalayan task which awaits the investigating agencies as they are yet to nab any of the masterminds, planners, financiers and ideologues of these terror attacks despite ample evidence.

SUBHASH GATADE (born 1957), an engineer by training and a freelance journalist and translator by choice, has written extensively on issues of communalism and Dalit emancipation. His publications include a book on the legendary Dasrath Majhi (Pahad Se Uncha Aadmi, NCERT, 2010).

1. Introduction: Terror sevaks!
2. First Terrorist of Independent India
3. Spectre of Terrorism
4. Legitimate Violence and Terrorism
5. Are You Joking Mr. Bhagwat? – Conflating Hinduism and Hindutva
6. Thus Spake the Masters!
7. Gurukul for Explosives
8. Diary of a Pracharak-Terrorist: Why RSS wants to forget Sunil Joshi’s Murder?
9. Ajmer Sharief Bomb Blasts: Journey of a Case
10. Friendship in Flames? Unravelling the Samjhauta Express Bomb Blast
11. Was Purohit an Exception?

12. Villain in Life: Hero in Death
13. Where is Hemant Karkare’s Bullet-Proof Jacket?
14. Modasa Blast: The H Factor
15. In the Name of Criminals: How Hindutva Terrorists operate in Karnataka
16. Asna’s Prayer: Parivar Bomb Makers in ‘God’s Own Country’
17. Terrorism’s ‘Tenkasi’ Moment, 18. Kanpur: Bomb Blasts That Were Not?
19. Destruction of Evildoers’ as “Spiritual Practice”
20. Who is watching the Spies?: Revisiting Malegaon bomb blast I
21. The Nanded Way: What Maharashtra Thinks Today
22. Global Dimensions of Hindutva Terror
23. Welcome Mossad!
24. When Lawyers Masquerade as Judges!
25. Manufacturing “Encounters,” Fabricating “Terrorists”
26. Shastrapujas: What is Religious about Worshipping Weapons?
27. The New Age Gurus: Subscribers of Militant Hindutva
28. Criminals for Hindutva: The Hidden Arm
29. RSS: 1948 of 2011
30. Hindutva Terror and Secular Formations
31. How Can Terrorism Become History? – Eliminating the Menace of Hindutva Terror.

400 pp / PB
Rs 360 / USD 15
ISBN-10: 81-7221-052-3
ISBN-13: 978-81-7221-052-6
Size 8.5 x 4.5 / Non-fiction / India / Terrorism / Hindutva

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