NWF Tamilnadu new office bearers elected

Posted: ஒக்ரோபர் 14, 2011 in NATIONAL WOMEN FRONT

National Women’s Front (NWF) State General Assembly was held at Theni District on  October 9,2011. State Vice president Fathima Alima presided the function. Popular Front of India’s State President A.S.Ismail delivered the introductory keynote address. State general secretary of National Women’s Front submitted the Annual Report.

It was followed by a review meet and detailed discussions on the past activities based on the Annual report and effective strategy was formulated for the future activities. This was followed by the election for the State Executive Council. The new State executive members then elected new state office bearers. National president of National Women’s Front participated as a chief guest and conducted the election.


Newly Elected State Functionaries are as follows:

  • State President Fathima Alima, Nellai
  • State Vice President Asiya Mariyam, Madurai
  • State General Seceretary Shifa Coimbatore
  • State Secretaries Raziya,Madurai
  • Habibunisa, Coimbatore
  • State Treasurer Ayisha Siddiqa, Coimbatore

State Executive council members

  • Sithii Aaliya,Chennai
  • Fathima, Tirupur
  • Safiya Erode
  • Jannathul Firdhouse,Nellai
  • Benasir, Coimbatore
  • Jarina, Chennai
  • Nafisa, Chennai
  • Zeenath Aalima, Chennai

Discussions on the subjects like ‘Effective Management and co-ordination between family and social activities’ and ‘Active participation of women in politics’ were held.


Following resolutions were adopted in this general assembly

  1. It has been proved beyond doubt that in Vachathi tribal village near Dharmapuri distrit of Tamilnadu, Police harassed and tortured many innocent tribals and arrested 133 villagers including 90 women and 28 children in the name of a search operation, The involvement of 215 officers from the Police, Forest and Revenue departments in this crime and the sexual assault of 18 women were proved beyond doubt and all of them are declared as offenders by the Dharmapuri Court. National Women’s Front welcomes this verdict and the commends CBI’s effective intervention in this case to punish the real culprits. However Compensation of the fifteen thousand rupees announced by the Court for those who were sexually exploited is not sufficient. Since 1992, the victims have been waiting for justice. Considering their will power and determination, National Women’s Front urges Tamilnadu Chief Minister to offer Rupees 5 lacs for each victim as compensation and one Government job for their family member.
  2. L.K. Advani who had sowed the seeds of hatred through the Rath Yatras is coming again to spread communal hatred in the name of yet another yatra. NWF requests the People of Tamilnadu to ignore him and his communally divisive politics.
  3. Based on the mission statement “Freedom from Hunger and Freedom from Fear”, Social Democratic Party of India, which is struggling hard for the emancipation and upliftment of the oppressed sections of our Indian society is contesting the Tamilnadu local body elections. NWF has decided to support and to conduct fieldwork campaign for SDPI candidates to win in this election.
  4. Caste wise census and reservation based on the that ratio is essential for the empowerment and development of the communities. Last year while conducting the population census Central Government had announced that caste wise census to be conducted from June 2011. But even after the month of September had passed government didn’t conduct it. NWF condemns the Govt for not conducting caste-wise census and urges to initiate and expedite the process immediately.
  5. With the background support of RSS and under the pretext of Anti corruption movement Anna Hasare’s fake huger strike was conducted to deflect and divert the attention of the general public from Sangh Parivar bomb blasts and terror activities. Those Media that had given unfair focus, extra coverage and prominence to the Anna, didn’t give much importance to Irom Sharmila of Manipur who is on hunger strike against the State Terrorism for the past 10 years. NWF requests the Media to play a fair role and to stand in support for the people’s welfare and their legitimate struggles for justice.
  6. NWF requests the Central government to pass the Women’s Reservation Bill in this winter session itself with sub-quota for Muslim women as per their ratio to ensure adequate representation for the Muslim women.

State General Secretary
National Women’s Front


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