BSE and TASIS train business executives for Islamic banking & finance

Posted: திசெம்பர் 20, 2011 in MUSLIM WORLD

Mumbai: Corporate executives and finance professionals learning and discussing financial business market issues in conference rooms at Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), is a normal scene but what happened last week was unprecedented. This time they were learning and discussing Islamic banking and finance at a program jointly organized by Taqwaa Advisory and Shariah Investment Solutions Pvt Ltd (TASIS) and BSE.

India needs Islamic finance for growth: Dr Shariq Nisar

Dr. Nisar says Islamic finance in India depends on two important aspects: First is the domestic demand; and the second is India’s position in the globalization of the financial sector, because domestically India is unable to generate enough capital largely because its major Muslim population is being discouraged to enter into the Indian market because of the perception of Haram, and globally the large number of global capital is getting generated from middle east or many other Islamic countries. So if India wants to satisfy the demand of investment and capital it has to have an Islamic financial market both domestically and globally, and India will definitely be going to have a Islamic financial market very soon. The sooner India does it, the better for the nation and the whole economy, he ascertains.

He said the shariah index started by the BSE is just a one step. It is not the end. There is going to be much more research by the BSE and TASIS to certify many more shariah compliant products and the Islamic banking. He says Islamic finance is not just for the minority Muslim population in this country, but it is for the money. The nations which have allowed Islamic finance were not lovers of Islam. For example France allowed Islamic finance but in the same month it banned hijab. Different countries and people are attracted towards Islamic finance for the need of money. He said Islamic finance is all about the real economic activity, it doesn’t allow gambling with the money, in this way it can restrain economic downturn by promoting real economic activity and deterring people to gamble with money so it will be in the larger interest and welfare of the citizens of this country.He says India is a country with huge Muslim population but still it is far behind in implementation of Islamic finance. Muslims in this country have money but they don’t know how to invest it financially, nor even banking professionals know as to how to guide their Muslim customers to invest in the commodity market. So this type of programme is conducted by the BSE and TASIS to train the banking officials in the Islamic finance.



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