Popular Front demands action against Thogadia’s communal remarks

Posted: திசெம்பர் 27, 2011 in POPULAR FRONT

Kozhikode: Popular Front of India demanded the state authorities to take actions against Praveen Thogadia, international working president of Vishva Hindu Parishad, for his anti minority comments.
Thogadia’s statement of wiping out minority vote bank c omprised of Muslim and Christian communities and making India a Hindu nation, is nothing but the challenge towards the plural nature of Indian society, said Popular Front state general secretary P Abdul Hameed. His wiping out comment means nothing but annihilation of minority communities from the country. The Kochi conference organized by VHP was full of hatred towards Muslims and other religious minorities. The conference even threatened to deprive Muslims even of their basic rights guaranteed by the constitution.
Thogadia even accused Muslims of forced conversion, amassing Hindu lands using foreign and black money, faking love with Hindu women and converting them to Islam etc. which are based on total falsehood. Through this kind of false propaganda Sanghparivar aims at creating communal hatred among the people of the state and destroying peaceful existence of the religious groups.
Abdul Hameed also said that, the inaction followed by the consecutive governments to stop this kind of communal forces like Hindu Aikya Vedi, VHP, Bajrang Dal and RSS, had evoked these kind o statements from Thogadia and co. Authorities who deny Muslims of their basic rights for no reasons should stop facilitating communal forces in the state. He also urged the secular and religious organizations to shed their silence and come out in open against communal agenda of vested interests.


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