Popular Front of India Rajasthan State General Assembly resolutions

Posted: பிப்ரவரி 2, 2012 in POPULAR FRONT

Rajasthan President Addressing in SGA

Kota : Popular Front of India annual State General Assembly (SGA) of Rajasthan state held at Dadwara Area of Kota on 28,29 January 2012.

Popular front Rajastan State president Shafi presided the meeting. Popular front of India Chairman EM Abdul Rahman and National executive council member Muhammed Roshan attended the meeting.State general secretary Khalid Manzoor presented the annual report and an extensive discussion on the report happened thereafter.

Haji Samad Ansari was elected as SEC member of Rajasthan for the existing vacancy of the council on the second day of the Assembly, MK Faizy, General secretary, Social Democratic Party of India presented a paper on the topic ‘Our Politics’ during the assembly.

Following resolution were passed by the state general assembly.


  1. Muslim Reservation demanded in Education & Services by the State Govt. equal of Muslim Population in State as other States are given already.
  2. State Govt. arrest the culprits who defamed Holy Qura’n in Sarwar (Ajmer Shareef) as soon as possible.
  3. Fast functioning by the CBI in case of Gopalgarh (Bharatpur). & Do strong steps against involved and careless officers.
  4. Magistrate enquiry in communal case at Bhilwara city where one side role played by Administration after attacking by Bajarang Dal ‘ s worker on Muslim boys.
  5. After release of Muslim Youths in the case of Jaipur Bomb Blast, demanded that the Government give reimbursement them & Do action on Police officers who tortured innocents during Jail.
  6. Appreciate role of Rajasthan Govt. in the matter of Salman Rushdie, For future we demanded that the Govt. should take Responsible & Moral Steps in communal & religious cases to keep social & religious harmony in State.

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