Muslim Brotherhood Welcomes Opposition Dialogue with Presidency; Keen on Legal Status

Posted: பிப்ரவரி 5, 2013 in MUSLIM WORLD

Dr. Ahmed Arif, Muslim Brotherhood media spokesman, welcomed Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei and the National Salvation Front (NSF)’s call for dialogue with the institution of the Presidency to save the country and stop the violence.

In comments carried by state news agency MENA Thursday, Dr. Arif said: “Dialogue will bring together representatives of the NSF with the President. It must be done without such preconditions or presumptions as previously made by the NSF.

“National responsibility makes it imperative for everyone to take into account the future of the homeland. He pointed that any dialogue must now be conducted as defined by the Constitution and the law.”

Dr. Arif further pointed that submitting Nahda (Renaissance) project now for community dialogue announced by the Muslim Brotherhood and the Freedom and Justice Party would be entirely irrational in the tragic state of political instability plaguing Egypt at the moment.

Responding to NSF demands that the Brotherhood legalize its status, Dr. Arif said: “The Brotherhood is an old organization that emerged since the twenties of the last century. It certainly is determined to legalize its status.

“The Brotherhood’s legitimacy derives from its age-old popular support base. Its framework of rules and regulations has long since been openly stated, so have its structures and modus operandi. We have nothing to hide. We work in public, in direct contact with the people.”
tags: Muslim Brotherhood / Media / ElBaradei / Constitution / Renaissance / Freedom and Justice Party / Ahmed Arif
Posted in MB News , EGYPT


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